A Review of Factors Influencing Strategy Implementation in the Public Sector: A Conceptual Framework

  • Afiqah Amin Laksamana College of Business
Keywords: strategic management, strategy, public sector, strategy implementation


The aim of this paper is to propose a framework of strategy implementation that
could be more relevant to the circumstances prevailing in the public sector. This
paper used systematic review method to assess previous literature on factors influencing
strategy implementation that have more relevance on public sector and
then proceeds to propose a framework of strategy implementation for public sector.
Based on the available evidence, a framework of internal and external factors of
strategy implementation is developed. The framework includes a recommendation
from the gaps addressed beforehand: 1. To link strategy implementation based
on public sector concept with internal factors such as centralised, formalised and
complexity structure, transformational and transactional leadership, formal and
informal communication, and appropriate organisational culture, and 2. To consider
the impact of external factors such as political and governmental regulation,
resources from the budgeting system and technology infrastructure on the internal
factors as moderators. An implication of this is the possibility that both managers
and policy implementers in the public sector understand factors that are relevant
when implementing a strategy in the public sector. There have been studies on the
application of contingency approach in the area of strategy formulation in the
public sector, but not in the strategy implementation. Thus, this study is considered
as one of the few studies that identify factors that influence strategy implementation
based on the requirement of public sector.