The Roles of County Administrative Offices in Croatian Administrative-Political System

  • Iva Lopižić Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb
Keywords: county administrative offices, roles of county administrative offices, county administrative offices’ scope of competence, analysis of sectoral laws, deconcentrated state administration


On the occasion of the county administrative offices abolition from January 1, 2020, the paper aims to analyze what role the administrative organizations played in the Croatian administrative-political system. The role of the offices is determined by the analysis of sectoral laws through which the central state government had assigned public affairs to the county offices during the development of territorial administration in Croatia. In addition to determining the role of the county administrative offices, the paper also discusses the extent to which the institutional development of the offices followed European trends, what the relationship of the offices was with the central state administration bodies and other parts of the deconcentrated state administration, and the justification of the transfer of the public affairs of the offices to the bodies of the county government. The paper contains a systematic overview of the tasks of the county offices since their establishment to the present day.