An Approach to Performance Measurement and Comparison of Public Administrations

  • Josip Jambrač a PhD student of public law and public administration, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Keywords: performance measurement, effectiveness, public administration, management, societal values


This paper aims at pointing out the problem of measuring the effectiveness of public administration and comparing results with other administrations on the example of a single transitional country. It is an approach that results in measurement and comparison of public administrations with regard to the diversity of political organizations and the role of the public sector in specific countries. The analysis is based on three theories: the theory of public control of administration, the institutional theory and the theory of public management. The findings point at differently defined concepts when measuring the efficiency of public administration, state organizations, and public administration functions and comparing them with various concepts of democracy, economic and social objectives. The measurements have shown public administration results in certain countries, which can be used as performance information However, a comparison within the value system of a  single country gives a one-sided and often misguided insight into the role of public administration.