Coordinated Governance in the VUCA Scenario

  • Oscar Mauricio Covarrubias Moreno National Institute of Public Administration of Mexico
Keywords: Governance, interdependence, coordination, volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, VUCA World.


This article is a general review of the literature on the VUCA model and its relationship
with the field of governance and public administration based on growing
interdependence and, consequently, coordination needs. Although it is true
that it is a recent and still little treated relationship, we believe that it could not
only increase academic understanding, but also be a preliminary step to suggest
avenues for future study. The study is exploratory in nature and data has been
collected from various documentary sources such as journals, research articles,
organisational reports, government reports, media reports, and articles available
on the web that helped guide the work. The article proposes that the VUCA
(Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Abiguity) paradigm is a useful lens
through which to look when thinking about governance challenges in terms of coordination.
This is equally true for macro issues, such as the current COVID-19
crisis, and for the task of coordination at the national and local levels because
many of the complex public problems require coordinated solutions.

Author Biography

Oscar Mauricio Covarrubias Moreno, National Institute of Public Administration of Mexico

Professor of Public Policy