A State Administration and Managing the Effects of the Pandemic on the Labour Market in Kosovo

  • Ylber Aliu Assistant Professor; AAB College, Faculty of Public Administration, AAB College, Republic of Kosovo
Keywords: Kosovo, COVID-19, labour market, measures, institutions


The purpose of the paper is to understand the impact of the pandemic on the labour market, as well as the measures taken by the Government to address the challenges of the pandemic in the labour market in Kosovo. In that respect, the paper provides experiences from other countries regarding the measures taken by the state administration to maintain the level of employment through support for employers to keep their employees, as well as through support for the employees who have lost their jobs. The paper also provides detailed information about the statistical and administrative data on the key labour market indicators in Kosovo, as well as information about two packages approved by the Government, the fiscal package and the package for economic recovery. Several conclusions have been made: the pandemic has had a significant impact on the labour market in Kosovo; the Government of Kosovo has drafted and approved two packages in order to support employment; however, the number of people who have benefited from these measures is small compared to the needs.