Preparation for Old Age and Ageing in the Time of the First Czechoslovak Republic: The Professional Discourse on Old Age at the Time

  • Vera Hellerova University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, Czech republic
Keywords: old age, aging, insurance, health, lifestyle


Old age and ageing are part of everyday life. Healthy ageing and population health have been essential issues throughout history. After the First World War, in the newly founded First Czechoslovak Republic, this topic was also important. This young republic had a lot of difficulties. It was a multi-ethnic state with substantial consequences of war. The republic's infrastructure was damaged, the population’s health condition could have been better, the incidence of infectious diseases was very high while health literacy was very low. It was necessary to take care of the population’s health and adopt laws on health, old age and disability insurance. Basic and modern policies were developed in the First Czechoslovak Republic in 1918–1938, to advance the society's development in virtually all areas of life. Interest in the quality of life of the state's inhabitants, including the elderly, increased. Educational activities were implemented to improve the population’s knowledge and attitudes. The idea of proactive living and preparation for old age was essential for building a healthy society. The role of family members was also highlighted in the preparation for old age. In present-day Czech Republic, as in the past, we put an emphasis on pension insurance and taking responsibility for one’s health