Nuđenje usluga kao novi koncept pružanja usluga korisnicima inteligentne javne uprave

  • Mladen Radivojevic Internacionalni univerzitet Travnik
  • Davor Radivojević Internacionalni univerzitet Travnik, Bosna i Hercegovina
  • Đorđo Vasiljević Internacionalni univerzitet u Brčkom, Bosna i Hercegovina
  • Bakir Čičak Sveučilište Vitez, Travnik, Bosna i Hercegovina
  • Marija Kvasina Sveučilište Vitez, Travnik, Bosna i Hercegovina
  • Hadžib Salkić Centar za poslovne studije, Kiseljak, Bosna i Hercegovina
Keywords: service user, intelligent public administration, service provision, necessary technology


The research we conducted shows that users of public administration services are
dissatisfied with the level of application of new technologies and advocate the
use of service offerings and greater application of new technological solutions. It
is evident from the research that the elderly do not want the service offered, and
that a higher percentage of women than the male population want to receive the
service via mobile phone. In the paper, we proposed only a small part of the procedures
that must be implemented in the public administration and that both the
implementers and the users of the concept of offering services should adhere to.
We proposed the use of a single data warehouse and an appropriate infrastructure
that could ensure intelligent public administration. We believe that the next
period should be marked by a greater connection between all administrations,
administrative organizations and local self-government units (service providers),
so that the proposed concept could be fully implemented.